About DHI

DHI Medical Group is the world’s largest chain of hair restoration clinics with 74 clinics in 42 countries.
In 2003, DHI Global Medical Group was the first to advance from the invasive strip extraction (Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT) and pioneered the advanced method of Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE.
After seven more years of extensive research and development, the team introduced the most advanced technique in hair transplantation; known as Direct Hair Implantation, which was patented and trademarked to be offered exclusively at DHI clinics worldwide.
DHI is considered the gold standard in hair restoration with the strongest research advisory board, world-class facilities and US & EU patents. DHI is recognised by ISO, CQC, TUV – Austria, ACHS – Australia.

Why Hair Transplant in India?

As per the statistics, you can compare the difference between the cost of hair transplant in India with other locations, which is about 20-25 percent lesser.

Due to the minimal cost, India is turning into being the most preferred destination for hair transplantation treatment across the world.

But, should the low hair transplant cost in India be the only reason you select this country for your hair transplant surgery?  Obviously not, apart from the cost factor there are several other factors which makes India a favourable destination for hair transplant.

Following are the other factors that can be considered: –

  • India is best known for its compassionate surgeons, caring nurses and quality care across the world.
  • Consultation fee in most of the clinics and hospitals for hair transplant in India is very less.
  • In the past few years, several centres for DHI hair transplant in India have emerged everywhere and are delivering promisingly positive results.
  • Normally, 1 FREE PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) session is provided during hair transplant.
  • You get the world-renowned hair transplant technique and experienced doctors who are well known for providing the best hair transplant results with high success rate.

Our Infrastructure

We Make Patient Journey Simple

Welcome to DHI Clinic

Welcome to DHI Clinic

Your day would begin with an individualized consultation session with one of our doctors who will do diagnosis (Computerized diagnosis and blood test) of your condition and suggest a treatment plan that suits you best.

Procedure Day

Procedure Day

We perform pre-procedure routines and get started with the procedure that you require. Depending on the treatment performed, the entire procedure could take up to 4-6 hours.

Post Procedure Follow-ups

Post Procedure Follow-ups

It’s the last day in which we make a review, you will meet our expert doctor/consultant who will assess the turnout of your treatment. You will be advised on preventive measures and prescribed appropriate medication.

Leisure Day

Leisure Day

Relax and unwind while you heal. As a goodwill gesture, we offer you a guided tour (Golden Triangle Tour) of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur where you can explore vivid shades of the rich Indian culture.

What You Expect?

When Visiting the India for a Hair Transplant

Corporate Rates at Luxurious Partner Hotels

We have partnered with two premier hotels in the city: the Hilton Garden and The Visaya. We can also assist you with booking another hotel of your choice.

Private Transfers and Transportation

We provide concierge pick-ups and drop-offs to the airport, and from the hotel.

Referrals to other Medical Specialists

Our administrators are more than happy to connect you with other medical specialists in New Delhi.

KEEP IN MIND: When Visiting the India for a Hair Transplant

Things To Do
  • Book a treatment well ahead of time to ensure that you get the appropriate instructions and ideal schedule.
  • Plan for least 2 days of downtime afterwards (gentle walking only, no exercise or perspiration).
  • Note that swimming is HIGHLY discouraged for up to 7 days after the treatment. Plan beach trips BEFORE your treatment date!
  • Ask us about our strong partnerships with leading cosmetic surgeons, dentists and dermatologists in New Delhi.
Things To Avoid
  • Avoid long periods of exposure to sunlight or swimming trips for at least two weeks following your hair transplant.
  • Avoid smoking (including exposure to second hand smoke), drinking alcohol or conducting heavy exercise for one to two weeks.
Upon Discharge

We will provide you with:

  • Your necessary post-operative medications.
  • A discharge letter and 100ml spray bottles for carry-on medication for patients with plans to fly.
  • A letter to your doctor or other DHI clinic for follow-up (upon request).Complete follow-up at regular intervals, done virtually or at the clinic.

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