Advantages of using Ethical Prospecting

  • A dedicated team in Australia
  • An extensive knowledge of the energy industry
  • A panel of different retailers to ensure several choices for the experts to choose from meaning we can cater the best suited deal for your lifestyle
  • A dedicated account manager
  • A hassle free process for you meaning you don’t need to do anything at all
  • An ongoing check for your energy needs
  • 50,000+ assured customers

We Compare Electricity and Gas Energy Providers To Save You Money.

We know energy isn’t sexy and paying bills is urggghh!! Who wants to spend hours looking for better deals on the internet, waiting for someone to answer the phone somewhere overseas only to get a deal that changes every few months.

We do the work so you can spend your time on life!

We have a fully qualified team based in beautiful Melbourne who are as passionate about electricity and gas bills as they are for their coffee! The government is trying all sorts of new ways to help make electricity and gas more affordable. Please send your details or call us now so our experts can organise a right plan that suits your lifestyle!

Let us make comparing gas and electricity easy.

Finding the ideal gas and electricity offer that suits your needs & lifestyle can be tedious and frustrating process. Your current electricity and gas provider may not be giving you the best rates. Also, apart from best rates, it’s important that you understand other value added services that your energy retailer can provide e.g. discount on movie tickets, frequent flyer points etc. With over 10 years of experience, our energy experts can help you easily compare between different gas and electricity providers in your area so that you don’t have to waste time on numerous websites.

Start Saving

How to save?

You are just 3 steps away from massive savings!

Getting to Know You

Share some details about yourself and your energy plan. Get in touch with our friendly Energy Consultant for any queries and advice.

Comparing Options

Become aware of the BEST energy options available. We help you decide by comparing your current plan and lifestyle/ usage.

Making the Switch

Make an informed choice and switch to energy retailer to experience maximum savings.

Why choose us?

With over 45000+ sign ups under our belt, our energy consultants understand the electricity and gas market inside out. Our aim is to find the right plan that suits your lifestyle. What we promise is reliable advice to help you in your decision to make the switch and realise savings.

Dedicated Account Manager

We allocate a single point of contact for your energy needs. You speak to your account manager for all things energy once you switch through us.

Hassle Free Switch

If you like what we offer, then we help you make the switch smoothly and promptly.

No Charge

Yes, you read it right! We do not charge you for our services as we get remunerated by the energy partners directly.

On-going Health Check

Once you become our customer, we keep you updated on what’s new in the energy market. We also inform you of deals on other items via emails and an app, which will be launched soon.

Our current partners

As an energy comparator, we are constantly on a lookout for a good deal for our customers. We constantly negotiate with energy retailers to get better deals for you. From time to time we onboard new partners on our panel when we are able to see the value they can provide to you. This may vary from cheaper bills for electricity and gas to getting discounts on a wide variety of retail outlets across Australia.

Some of the energy retailers we work with:

Our energy partners range from niche business only to multi-billion dollar giants servicing millions of customers Australia wide. Some of the partners we have worked with also own their own electricity generators. In partnership with our electricity and gas retail partners, we being to you some of Australia’s best offers. Our partnerships are unique as we don’t only focus on saving you money but also provide you solutions that add value to your daily life.


Most energy comparators claim to save you money by giving you a cheaper rate or higher discount without really understanding your needs. We take the time to understand your lifestyle needs with a specific questionnaire that will help us better understand your lifestyle to find a solution that better suits your needs.

To switch energy suppliers, you only need your address, a recent energy bill or be able to answer some qualifying questions and about 10 minutes, then you can switch your gas and electricity energy supplier by phone.

Usually the transfer should take no longer than a month from the date you arranged to change supplier. This allows for a 10 business day cooling off period where you can change your mind about switching, this can change depending on what part of the billing cycle you are in.

You can switch your energy provider every month if you want to. It is important to note that some retailers may have charges that apply to people who terminate their contract early. We suggest having a look at different plans a couple of times a year to ensure you are being looked after.

If you owe your retailer money they can stop you from switching, if you’re up to date with all your bills they can’t stop you from changing.

If you’re a tenant and are responsible for paying your utility bills you have the ability to decide which energy retailer you go with unless you’re in an embedded network where a company own your meter where you can’t change.

There are many factors in finding the best supplier for your particular needs, spare 5 or 10 minutes give us a call and we will find a plan that is suited to you.

Depending on where you move to you can transfer your supply from your current property to your new property, depending on the area you move to rates and charges may differ.

Usually not the only time it would cost you anything to change is if your current retailer has and early termination fees associated with the energy plan.

No the retailer uses the current infrastructure installed in your area which is owned by the distributor not the energy retailer.

What our customers are saying about us?

I would like to thank the consultant who helped me switch to Alinta Energy. It was such an easy process with no hassle.

- Nadia Towsey

Friendly customer service, I received the right advice. Signing up for my energy account with Alinta was made so easy.

- Sakshi Chhimwal

Great Customer service, fast, easy and I didn’t have to contact my current retailer, it was all looked after for me!

- Mary Dalambiras

Find your savings instantly

To start the savings process we will need a few information about you.

What did the government do?

The government has set default pricing for all areas in most of the states. The electricity retailers cannot charge you more than the government stipulated amount if you choose to take up this offer.

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